Camp Curriculum


There are lots of fun activities at Camp SOS! 


  • swimming

  • paddle boating

  • kayaking

  • canoeing

  • archery

  • climbing rock walls

  • flying over the mountain side on a giant swing


We will also be doing our journey work, but it will be fun work where you learn skills while playing!


The actual camp curriculum has been a work in progress with the original program strongly based on the understanding that healing can be found amongst other survivors.  There is a magical dynamic that happens when we are surrounded by those that have had a similar loss, and at camp we are surrounded by some new survivors and some much further down the road.  Camp SOS is NOT a therapy camp.  Although it may very well be therapeutic, it is based on sharing skills and tools to grieve and heal for each age group as well as healing together as a family.  Helping families to see how each member's journey will be unique, but they can understand and support each other as they move along that journey.


We started camp by working with the Brave Hearts Curriculum* that was developed to meet the specific needs of those who had experienced a loss by suicide.  

Now Camp SOS has its own copyrighted curriculum, Camp based Survivor Family Network Healing Curriculum, based on the Four Tasks of Grief.