Without the generous support of our survivor family, suicide prevention community and those with a heart to help, we wouldn't be able to host Camp SOS. 

How can you Volunteer for Camp SOS?


We use lots of volunteers each year at Camp SOS to support and help in lots of ways.  All our volunteers get back ground checks and go through an orientation.

Would you like to be a Camp SOS Sponsor?


It takes a village to pull off Camp SOS, and we couldn't offer a cost free camp without our Sponsors!  We have many levels of sponsorship to choose from.

Donations help!  Let us show you how.
Every donation, big and small, helps support all the costs required to host Camp SOS each year.  The more our attendance grows the higher those costs.
There are lots of ways to help!


It takes a lot of support to host Camp SOS.  One of the things that supports us greatly is for people to help us fill our wish list!  We keep an updated running list here.