SPAN-GA is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to preventing suicide through public education, awareness, community action, and local grassroots action. SPAN-GA is a Georgia statewide organization that was created to raise awareness, build political will and promote the call for action with regard to creating, advancing, implementing and evaluating a state strategy to address suicide in Georgia. They have a strong focus on breaking stigma and the development of community level services for those that have lost a loved one to suicide including families, children and teens; including their annual family camp, Camp SOS. 


  • Survivors of a suicide loss are an extremely high risk population. 

  • The stigma, guilt and shame that surrounds a loss by suicide often keeps survivors from reaching out for the help that they need. 

  • The rejection of family and friends is a very common aftermath of a loss by suicide. 

  • Youth that have lost a friend to suicide are 7 times more likely to take their life in their lifetime.

  • Suicide can run in families, but the major feature here is history, not biology.  When someone in the family takes their life, it breaks the taboo and seems to put the option on the table.


With the right resources for these families, we can take this option off the table!  Camp SOS is dedicated to sharing the best tools with families to help them move forward in a healthy way.


With the help of corporate sponsors and community sponsors we can meet the financial costs of hosting a camp for families throughout the state of Georgia giving them the best future possible.  Your donations and your funds can definitely save lives in Georgia!


Our corporate sponsors will be listed on our site, as well as have their logos on the back of our Camp SOS T-shirts. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the contact info listed below.


To become a SPAN-GA/CAMP SOS Sponsor, you can click on the donate button below, or send a check to:



2033 Meadows Drive

Woodstock, GA 30188